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Your Easy-Credit, Low Down-Payment Car Store

Before the Sale FAQ:

Q. Will this vehicle loan help rebuild my credit?
A. Auto Loan Acceptance Corporation reports to the credit bureau every month. This gives you a good opportunity to improve your credit rating. 
Q. What happens if something goes wrong with the vehicle that I purchase?
A. Wheel City Auto Finance Center offers a 24 month/24,000 mile powertrain warranty. Contact a Wheel City Auto Finance Centers specialist for more details on our used car warranty.

Q. Do you have a return policy?
A. Yes we do! In fact, we have a money back guarantee, see finance specialist for details.
Q. What do I need to bring to get a vehicle?
A. Bring the following to your appointment:
  • Drivers License
  • Your most recent pay stub
  • Two monthly utility bills in your name (or lease agreement)
  • Cash for your down payment
  • The names, phone numbers, addresses of 5 references (7 if you have a co-buyer)
  • Trade in and title, if applicable
  • Proof of Insurance
Q. Is it OK for me to have my mechanic or someone else check out the vehicle?
A. Yes! We encourage you to take any of our vehicles to a mechanic of your choice for inspection before you make a purchase.
Q. What if I don't see a vehicle that I like?
A. We have a new inventory arriving daily. Just let us know what type of used car you are looking for and we will see how we can help you.

After Sale FAQ:

Q. I'd like to speak to an Auto Loan Acceptance Corp account representative. How can I reach one?
A. There are 3 ways that you can reach out to a representative:
  • Call toll free at 800-584-9292 or locally at 605-338-5786.
  • Email us at
  • Sign up for automatic recurring deductions from your checking, savings or debit account with AutoPay. This can eliminate contact from us, reduce your stress and help you rebuild your credit.
Q. Will this vehicle loan help rebuild my credit?
A. Auto Loan Acceptance Corporation reports to the credit bureau every month. This gives you a good opportunity to improve your credit rating. If for any reason, you feel that there is an inaccuracy with your reporting, please let us know so we can get it fixed for you. Please tell us about it here.

Q. When will I be charged a late fee?
A. We do not charge late fees.
Q. I am thinking of trading my vehicle in. How low does my balance have to be to trade it in?
A. The account needs to be 70% - 80% paid off. The two biggest factors are:
  • Vehicle condition - remember getting regular maintenance is your responsibility.
  • Payment History - getting set up on AutoPay takes care of this one. Contact an ALAC representative at 800-584-9292.
This option is available at any Wheel City Auto Finance Centers.
Q. How do i change my due date?
A. Simply call an ALAC representative at 800-584-9292 and we will try to help.
Q. Why do I have to pay a credit card fee when I make a payment over the phone?
A. This represents a cost assessed to us by our credit card company. ( Where applicable by law. See Dealer for details.)
Q. How do I avoid a $5.00 credit card convenience fee?
A. The best way to do this is to get set up on AutoPay. Contact an ALAC representative for more information at 800-584-9292.
Q. My vehicle just broke down, who do I call?
A. Call the Warranty Department at (800) 584-9292, or feel free to contact your account representative.
Q. Is there a pre-payment penalty or can I pay off my account?
A. We do not have a pre-payment penalty. You can pay your account off at any time with no extra fees, and you will save money on interest by doing so.
Q. What do I do if i can no longer afford my vehicle?
A. We feel that communication is key to every good relation. We have a few different programs designed to help people that fall on hard times. Contact ALAC to see how we can help you.

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