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Why does the car buying process take so long?

by Wheel City Auto
10/27/2017 - Sioux Falls, SD

One reason the car buying process takes so long is because filling out an application for financing takes time.

If you want to finance a vehicle, no matter what bank or finance company it’s through, you will have to fill out an application. Then that application goes to an underwriting department. Then there is the wait-time for approval.  

Meanwhile, you can look at the types of vehicles that are of interest to you, what the payment is, and the price range.

Wheel City Auto Finance Centers dealership group has expedited that process by offering online approvals— one hundred percent approvals online. So before you even come into one of our dealerships, you can already be pre-approved.

Knowing what you qualify for and what kind of payment you can afford means that you can start looking at vehicles right away. You’re not dealing with taking an application, filling it out, turning it in somewhere and waiting for an answer.

The approval process is faster because it’s done online. You might fill it out it at home at night. The next morning, someone on our team goes through the application and gets it approved.

When you come in, we already know you’re pre-approved. The paperwork is already finished.

It’s a sign of the times how things change and progress. That we can leverage technology in our favor also makes the buying process easier for you.

Starting the financing process first and then finding the vehicle certainly speeds up the process.

You are approved by us based on a type of price or payment range. That narrows down the selection of vehicles you can purchase. If you want a lower monthly payment, you might look at a smaller, four-door sedan versus a full-size four-wheel drive sport utility.

Pre-approved financing narrows the focus to what you can look for. It also means you can start looking at and picking out cars out right away without having to do all the paperwork while sitting in the lobby for hours.

In fact, filling out an online application form and beginning the process can actually cut the time down to less than half of what it would normally take. You, as a pre-approved customer, can be in and out the door within 60 to 90 minutes after registration paperwork is done, driving away in your quality, new-to-you vehicle.


Why should I pre-qualify before looking at vehicles to buy?

by Wheel City Auto
10/30/2017 - Sioux Falls, SD
Prequalification saves a lot of time...

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