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What is a dealership’s process for getting a used vehicle ready to sell?

by Wheel City Auto
11/6/2017 - Sioux Falls, SD

Reputable dealerships recondition cars prior to them going out for sale. They want to make sure the vehicle isn’t going to break down right after somebody drives it off the lot or has it for a few days.

For Wheel City Auto Finance Center, it starts with the types of cars that we buy. We typically won’t carry expensive imports and diesel cars that are expensive to fix. We don’t sell Mercedes Benz and BMW because when they do have issues, they’re very costly. We stick mostly with domestic cars.

To recondition a vehicle, we check brakes and tires, change the fluids, and test drive the vehicle. These are mechanical items. Anybody can run out and buy a brand-new car and have it break down. That’s why there are factory recalls. Manufacturers put warranties on the cars. It’s a mechanical item and mechanical items break. That’s just how it works.

Because we care about you and what you buy from us, we put a 2-year/ 24,000-mile warranty on every car we sell. They are all run through a reconditioning process. We combine all this with a Like It or Return It, no questions asked, three-day guarantee.

We also give you permission to take the vehicle you are considering anywhere you want to have it checked out, even though we back it with a warranty. By all means, take it, have anyone check it out, put it up in the air, do whatever you want to do to make sure that you’re comfortable with the condition and overall appearance of the vehicle you want to buy. We want you to be happy.

Every vehicle is taken through the same process: It begins with what types of cars we’re looking to purchase. When the vehicle is in, it goes through an extensive test drive. We check out all the safety items, change the fluids, and test drive it again.

We also have weekly checks on our car lot; our sales staff actually goes out and double-checks that everything works in our vehicles such as the A/C functions properly, the batteries are not weak, things like that.

We have rules in place for deciding what needs to be replaced on a vehicle. If the tires are that shot, it’s obvious. If the brakes are that far gone, it’s evident almost immediately when that car is test-driven.  Any obvious reconditioning items are fixed right away.

It wouldn’t do us any good to put a warranty on the car and back it for the next two years if we have to bring it back in and fix it right away. It would be counterproductive to say the least. Not to mention make you, our valued customer, unhappy.


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