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Your Easy-Credit, Low Down-Payment Car Store

What are common myths and misconceptions about buy-here pay-here dealerships?

by Wheel City Auto
11/8/2017 - Sioux Falls, SD

There is a nasty rumor that those in the buy-here pay-here industry are actually in the business of wanting to repo vehicles so that they can sell them again and make more money.

I do believe that’s a huge misperception. Sure, there are shady dealerships out there, but whether or not you choose to do business with them comes back to the responsibility of knowing who you’re buying from and what their reputation is.

I’ll just talk about Wheel City. Our dealership group is very active in our state associations. We have an excellent Better Business Bureau rating, and frankly, we let our customer reviews speak for themselves. We’re very proud of our reputation.

I think a lot of what separates us from other dealership groups is that we please our people. Sure, anyone can get the same vehicle from a lot of different places, but customer satisfaction has to be priority.

We make sure to hire the right people who share the same philosophy as our dealership group.  The misperception that we want to pick up a car from you in order to resell it if you are having trouble with payments couldn’t be further from the truth.

Any vehicle that we need to pick up because of non-payment automatically goes to auction—so that idea of doing business to make a profit that way doesn’t even make sense.

We’re in the industry to build relationships for life and to get repeat, referral business. We obviously wouldn’t get that if all we want to do is pick up and repossess cars to resell.

Picking up a car for non-payment is the worst-case scenario for us. For one thing, we lose you, our valued customer, for life, and we lose all of those referrals that you would send our way. You’re not going to refer your friends and family to us. It’s absolutely the worst thing that we could do. That is why we sit down with you first and figure out what type of payment schedule you can afford.

We make sure ahead of time that you—and ourselves—are not getting into a financial bind. We want to see you through. We want to see you to the end. Later, if you want to upgrade that auto or come back and buy something newer, we want to be your dealership of choice. Everybody has choices; the car dealership world is very competitive. Repeat referral business is what it’s all about for us.

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