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What about the quality of used vehicles at buy-here pay here dealerships?

by Wheel City Auto
11/3/2017 - Sioux Falls, SD

People in general are cautious about buying used cars. Understandably so.

Everyone hears horror stories about buying clunker used cars. At Wheel City Auto Finance Centers, we’re very cautious about the types of cars we sell.

We try our best to stick with vehicles that are not prone to problems. We know which vehicles are problematic because we’ve been doing this for 24 years—and we research it.

A good dealership runs every vehicle through a reconditioning process to make sure that tires and brakes are good, that the oil is clean, and that everything about the vehicle functions and works properly.

Because we stand behind what we sell, we back our vehicles with an outstanding 24-month/24,000-mile warranty. We know that our level of care and service is going to build a repeating referral customer base with valued people like you. That’s that we’re after. Our method of doing business has served us well for 24 years; and we’ll continue to do that.

We also have a Like It or Return It guarantee—a three-day time period where you can return the vehicle, no questions asked.

If you purchase a car and for some reason it doesn’t fit your needs or your family’s needs and you change your mind, you can bring it back within three days. If we don’t have anything else to offer or you just decide you don’t want to buy another vehicle after all, we’ll refund 100 percent of your money.

We’ve had this program in place for many years. As a business owner, I want to have an opportunity to make it right with you and all my customers. If you buy a car from us and then change your minds and don’t want it, then I want that opportunity to show you something else later when you are in the market. That’s the right way to do business; so that’s how we do it. Our customers really like that. We hope you do too.

Now and then a few people have taken us up on the offer; but it’s not very often because we’re transparent with everything. It very rarely comes up.

One example of a return is that a customer  bought a smaller, four-door sedan, but when they got it home they realized there wasn’t enough room for car seats and all of the kids’ sports activity gear.

Most of the time when a vehicle is returned it’s because it isn’t big enough.  They want more room or they decided to go with a minivan instead of a sport utility because vans are better on gas.  

Other vehicles are returned because the buyer decided that they want a different make or model.  We accommodate them to get something they want.

The return guarantee also stands good for the off-chance that you drive one of our cars off the lot and something goes wrong. We’ll fix it, exchange it, or take the return.

If you need to take advantage of our excellent warranty or three-day guarantee, nobody at any of our dealerships will give you weird looks or a hard time or make you jump through hoops.  

We understand that things change and purchasing a car is the second largest purchase most people will make during their lifetimes, outside of a house. So we understand that when you come in, you can be a bit overwhelmed at so many makes and models to choose from. It stands to reason that sometimes you want to change your mind and just want something a little different than what you got—or maybe the seat doesn’t feel right or isn’t quite big enough. Doesn’t matter. No questions asked.


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