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4 Ways to Find Funds for Your Car Down Payment

by Wheel City Auto
11/20/2015 - Sioux Falls, SD

The dreaded thing has happened. You’re in a financial pinch and your vehicle gives you trouble or worse—gives up the ghost.

You still need to get to work, do errands, drop off and pick up the kids, grocery shop, and myriad other things—a poorly performing vehicle might require thousands of dollars in repairs. Replacing one is even more.

So much for paying down existing debt or saving money for the future—right?  Well—wait a minute. Let’s think about this. Even if you struggle with debt and credit, there is a way that you can still afford a reliable vehicle.

A dealership that specializes in bad credit financing is the perfect answer to getting a dependable ride. Sometimes financing in such situations requires a small down payment.

Following are four ways you can utilize to find funds before hitting buy-here pay-here used car dealerships such as Wheel City Auto Finance Centers. 

Temporary online work

Online work doesn’t always pay a lot, but it pays quickly. If you have computer or other marketable skills, consider applying as a freelance worker for an on-demand workforce with companies such as OneSpace or Amazon’s mTurk to complete short, easy tasks. Requirements are typically access to a computer and a decent Internet connection. Tasks usually involve basic research, data entry or completing surveys. Do you have editing or writing skills? You could earn more. Some crowdsourcing companies pay out immediately upon approval of tasks, which means a paycheck could come your way within a week.

Cut the grocery bill a wee bit

Cut the grocery budget in small chunks to apply the money you save toward a down payment. Cull expenses by collecting coupons; they are like money in your pocket. Prioritize the list and buy only what is necessary. Dig deep into your pantry and use what you already have before buying anything else. Avoid eating out for a while. Before you know it, there will be an extra bit of money toward a replacement vehicle or repairs on the one you have.

Hit up Craigslist and eBay

Sell stuff on Craigslist and eBay for a fast cashout. Popular items include good condition electronics, small kitchen appliances, furniture, books and collectibles. You could fund your entire down payment by clearing items out of storage and closets.

Convert closet extras to cash

If it’s too hard to part with valued appliances, books and other collectibles, try liquidating clothing items in your closet. Some consignment-style clothing stores pay upfront for in-style gently used items. Some may qualify as “vintage” and go for higher dollars on eBay. Check out local consignment stores in your area. 

Saved too much? Use the extra money to handle needed maintenance and add a few personal accessories to make your “new” car feel like home.


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