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3 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score to Buy Your Dream Car

by Wheel City Auto
10/5/2015 - Sioux Falls, SD

If your credit score is less than perfect, buying your dream vehicle can be an uphill battle and always just out of reach.

At Wheel City Auto Finance Centers, management and staff sincerely want to help you get on the road, climb that hill and grab ahold of the prize you want—even when your bad credit is stacked against you.

Wheel City Auto Finance Centers’ people will help you rebuild your credit score when you purchase a vehicle through them. Although your score can be improved through their in-house financing, there are other helpful tips to patch things up:

Pay your bills on time

Delinquent and late payments are tough on credit scores. Do whatever is possible to pay bills on time. If it means setting up reminders on your phone or keeping a separate calendar, make it a priority even a few days before they are due. Those late fees also eat into your income. Why pay more on top of your monthly bill? Late fees might not seem like a big deal at first, but they can seriously add up over time.

Explore easy ways to increase income

It’s always nice to have extra cash, especially if finances are tight. Be creative about ways to bring in a bit of extra income and designate it to a car account. Sell some old furniture. Offer to help a neighbor fix up their yard. Clean out your closets and sell vintage or gently-used clothes. Use other strengths and to bring in extra money such as freelance work on Amazon’s mTurk.

Be wary of credit cards

It’s not practical to avoid credit cards entirely. They are helpful for taking care of unexpected costs. And when used correctly, they are an excellent way to build credit.  However, be wary of how much balance is carried over monthly.  Aim to pay the balance down to $0 to $30 every month. Be mindful of staying within what you can afford. Try consolidating credit cards. Instead of having a few hundred dollars on several cards with different financing options, consolidate them into one affordable bill.

Bad credit vehicle financing is one way to build your credit back up when payments are made on time. With a few simple steps such as avoiding late payments and keeping your credit card balance low, a perfect credit score will be yours in no time at all.


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