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3 Tips for Buying a Car When You Have Bad Credit

by Wheel City Auto
9/22/2015 - Sioux Falls, SD

Buying a car is undoubtedly a stressful process. Throw in the fact that your credit is bad and you really need a vehicle, we’re talking ulcer-inducing. 

We understand.

You might think that you won't qualify for any kind of loan, but there are ways to get into a decent vehicle. Wheel City Auto Finance Center management and staff want to make the process enjoyable and a breeze to get into a quality, reliable vehicle. Following are three ways you can start the process with minimal hassle.

Check your credit report

Everyone is entitled to one free credit report from each of the big agencies—Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax—by going to It’s awful to find that one tiny error on your report will get a loan denied at any other dealership. Each credit bureau offers a way to dispute items on your report, so do this first before doing anything else. 

Work with a dealership you trust

Working with a trustworthy dealership means the difference between getting a car that works for you instead of one that brings in a big commission for the person who sold it to you.

Wheel City Auto Finance Centers are dealerships that specialize in bad credit auto financing. Finance staff will help you navigate the confusing world of buying a car; they make the process as easy and pain-free as possible, even with your bad credit. They also report to credit bureaus monthly, which will help you rebuild your credit. Who doesn't love a win-win situation?

Be flexible about the make and model of what you want

Yeah, you may have your heart set on that shiny luxury car with all the bells and whistles—who doesn’t? Realistically you probably can’t afford one. Not yet anyway.

It’s not to your benefit to buy a used car with a hefty payment.

At Wheel City Auto Finance Centers we want to set you up for success. We will help you find a car with many features found on higher-end cars, but with financing at a payment you can afford. 


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