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What is a buy-here pay-here dealership anyway?

by Wheel City Auto
11/10/2017 - Sioux Falls, SD

Buy-here pay-here is a type of used car dealership that purchases vehicles, reconditions them, and then sells to someone who has a down payment or a trade in. Very often, that customer has had trouble with gaining or keeping good credit for a variety of reasons. That customer makes monthly or biweekly payments straight to that dealership to pay for the vehicle.

Some buy-here pay-here dealerships finance the vehicle to the consumer and then sell that note to a third-party finance company that is responsible for collecting the payments.

We don’t do that.

Wheel City Auto Finance Centers owns our finance company. We are the “bank.” It’s actually a separate corporation altogether. That finance company approves you and gives you the ability to buy a car and rebuild your credit.

The finance center is a related entity. We own it. We know the people who work in it. We set the rules and regulations, and we also understand that sometimes unfortunate circumstances happen to good people and your credit rating is affected badly.

One advantage to buying from a dealership that does their own financing is that if you happen to lose your job or fall on hard times or some unexpected expense comes up in your life, the business staff is willing to work with you.

At Wheel City, we don’t charge late payment fees. As long as you’re honest and tell us up front what’s going on, we will work with you—we’re not out to get your car. We want to see you through ‘til the end. Our whole program is based on honesty; as long as you are honest with us and tell us what’s going on, we’ll work with you.

Our program as a buy-here pay-here dealership is to help you get back on your feet and rebuild your credit. Not every customer needs to do that, but a number of them do. When you come in, you’ll meet with someone in our credit-builder program to go through our underwriting process. You can also do this online ahead of a visit to one of our dealerships. Doing so saves a lot of time.

We are very transparent. Everything has a Like It or Return It guarantee, backed by a 2-year/24,000-mile warranty. Qualification is the same for everybody. It doesn’t change from one person to the next. The interest rate is the same for everybody. We sit down and help do a budget for everybody. It’s the same process. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re at in life.

Even if you decide to run a loan through your own preferred finance company or finance the vehicle you want in-house with us, you’ll get the same program about affordability and building credit that everybody runs through.


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